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As of May 2021, we’ve introduced a new, value-based model for licensing fonts. This is designed to be simpler, fairer, and more transparent than the traditional model — you can read more about the V2 license here.

All of our license fees are one-off, and all of our standard licenses are perpetual, with no recurring fees and no need to upgrade if your usage increases.


Commercial License

A Commercial license allows a license owner to use our fonts commercially, and it also covers any designers or agencies using the fonts on their behalf. (If you’re licensing fonts for yourself or your own company, you are the license owner. If you’re a designer or agency, it’s your client.)

This license is priced according to the number of employees of the license owner (not just the number of people using the fonts), and covers all formats — no paying extra for webfonts or add-ons. It includes OTF, WOFF and WOFF2 files.


Non-Commercial License

This license lets you use our full desktop fonts in non-commercial projects — trials, personal projects, and student work. It’s priced at a fixed rate and includes the complete OTF files.

A Non-Commercial license also allows you to use our fonts in design proposals and pitches (even if these would normally count as commercial work).


Trial License

A Trial license lets you use our fonts for testing and evaluation at no cost. Trial fonts have a limited character set and can only be used in non-commercial work. Learn more or download trial fonts →


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